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Mile Zero Cabaret- ITERATE

Erin collaborated with the dancer Shrina Patel to create Pixels Can't Sustain You.

This live and interactive video art multimedia dance performance which was mixed using OBS and live streamed over Zoom.

To watch the archive of Iterate follow THIS LINK.


Pixels Can't Sustain You was commissioned and curated by Trent Crosby for Mile Zero Dance's showcase entitled Iterate:

"For the Season Opener of De-Program, curated by Trent Crosby, MZD’s Technical Director, plays matchmaker between scenographers and dancers to experiment and explore ideas around creativity in the digital space.

After five years of turning knobs, flipping stages, and checking his phone Mile Zero’s resident Technical Director is stepping out from behind his consoles to bring you an experimental cabaret inspired by his experiences at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial. This experimental cabaret pairs 5 Scenographers with 5 Contemporary Performers to create 5 new short works for Mile Zero Dance’s season opener. A celebration of scenography and contemporary performance, Iterate asks: ‘What can we create when design comes first?’ and ‘How can live design succeed in a digital space?’"

Participating Artist Teams:

  • T. Erin Gruber + Shrina Patel

  • Mustafa Rafiq + Zoe Glassman

  • Trent Crosby + Leah Patterson (Choreography)

  • Brett Bowser, Camille Ens, & Michelle Alannah (Dancers)

  • Rachel Forbes + Katherine Semchuk & Mateo Gallindo

  • Marissa Kochanski + Migueltizina Solis

  • Aladean Kheroufi (Musician)


Content samples used in the live mix of Shrina's performance:


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