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Erin is an artist working professionally as a visual storyteller.

She lives  in amiskwaciwâskahikan (ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ) and creates both at home in Edmonton and across Canada.

     She collaborates with directors, builders, performers and technicians to bring experiences to audiences across Canada. She is committed to combining the powers of visual communication with the passion and emotion of live performance.

     The projects most excite her connect her core values of human compassion, empathetic awakening and joyful experience with the audience- the community of people she strives to serve.

     As a young person her artistic spirit was cultivated through a rigorous and committed dance practice- she trained in the professional division with the School of Alberta Ballet and developed a true sense of dedication to craft and expression. Achieving undergrad and graduate degrees in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta honed her skills as a scenographer and enabled her to develop her connection between physical and visual storytelling.

     She is a proven specialist in the field of integrating projected media elements into live theatrical performance and this passion was born of her discovery that she could move as a designer. The application of her internal rhythm, balance and passion for performance to her visual and technical skill sets became the doorway to the niche that continues to fulfill and ignite her professional identity.

Richard Lee in Gerry Morita's Disaster Show, 2020





Non-literal and expressive best describes my style. My approach is always solution oriented- I put problem solving and feasibility at the heart of my designs.

Colour, contrast and dynamic angles are the most noticeable aspects of my designs. Driven by adaptability- a desire to balance projected media content- means my work is about highlighting action and controlling focus.

 Impactful, functional and appropriate. What the actor wears delivers meaning  about time, place and location. Using very specific details in costume allows other scenographic elements to soar beyond the literal.

Texture, scale and balance are the key elements in the media I produce. Creating content  which advances story, supports performance and enhances dramaturgy is my specialty.

Awards and Media



The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime- 2016

'The real stars of Curious Incident are the craftspeople who create the onstage environment. The sets and lighting by T. Erin Gruber, projections by Joel Adria and the sound design by Elijah Lindenberger all work together to truly put the audience into the world as Christopher sees it.'

-Thomas Pashko, The Uniter (Winnipeg)

Café Daughter- 2015

‘T. Erin Gruber's multi-level set is image-filled without ever seeming busy.’

-Colin Maclean, Edmonton Sun


‘...stare in awe at one of the most beautiful stages I’ve seen in Edmonton...designed by T. Erin Gruber’

-Jenna Marynowski, After the Houselights


BEARS- 2015

'We’re talking about magical powers of, movement, light, language. Go bold or go home...It’s a world in motion created by “environmental designer” T. Erin Gruber, a playful virtuoso with projections’

-Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal


Monstrosities- 2015

‘T. Erin Gruber understands where the centre of attention is and uses her potent visual talents to underline and advance plot and character.’

-Colin Maclean, Edmonton Sun


A Bomb in the Heart- 2014

‘The thing that will strike you the most... is Erin Gruber’s lovely production design. The projections in this production are beautiful and well done. The set design is innovative

-Jenna Shummoogan,


Servant of Two Masters- 2012

‘And the costumes, designed by T. Erin Gruber, are terrific.’

-Bob Clarck, Calgary Herald




Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards

    2018- Contributing Artist to Awarded Project Outstanding Production of a Play (Winner-Award to the Playwright)

    Métis Mutt, One Little Indian Productions and Theatre Network


    2018- Nominated for Outstanding Multi-Media Design

    Métis Mutt, One Little Indian Productions and Theatre Network

    2017- Awarded Outstanding Lighting Design

    Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Citadel Theatre


    2017- Nominated for Outstanding Multi-Media Design

    The Believers, MadFandango Theatre Collective

    2016- Nominated Outstanding Multi-Media Design

    Café Daughter, Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre and Alberta Aboriginal Arts

    2016- Nominated Outstanding Lighting Design

    Café Daughter, Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre and Alberta Aboriginal Arts


    2015- Awarded Outstanding Lighting Design

    Category E, Maggie Tree Collective

    2015- Awarded Outstanding Multi-Media Design in conjunction with my colleagues at the ShowStages Video Collective

    Category E, Maggie Tree Collective

    2014- Nominated for Outstanding Multi-Media Design

    Monstrosities, Maggie Tree Collective

Dora Mavor Moore Awards

    2018- Nominated for Outstanding Scenic Design

    Bears, Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts and Punctuate Theatre

    2018- Nominated for Outstanding Lighting Design 

    Bears, Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts and Punctuate Theatre

Betty Mitchell Awards

    2018- Nominated for Outstanding Lighting Design

    Easter Island, Verb Theatre

    2018- Nominated for Outstanding Projection or Video Design

    Easter Island, Verb Theatre

    2014- Nominated for Outstanding Projection or Video Design

    A Bomb in the Heart, Downstage Theatre

Prague Quadrennial 2019

    My design work for two productions (BEARS and Café Daughter) was selected by nation wide design committee as one of          only four displays chosen to represent English Canadian theatre at the 2019 exhibition and competition.  In the summer of          2019 I presented at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, an event which attracted 180 000 visitors to      a ten day conference. 

    My attendance at the Exhibition was generously supported with a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


Prague Quadrennial 2015

    My work for Stefan Dzeparoski's production 'DELETE’ was selected by nation wide design committee as one of only 10 

    productions chosen for exhibit to the international community. In the summer of 2015 we presented at the

    Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, an event which attracted 180 000 visitors to a ten day conference. 


    My participation in the conference was generously supported by a travel grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

University of Alberta Alumni Association Exhibition

    I was invited to submit creative work to the University of Alberta Museums Association for consideration for this exhibit. 

    Several of my costume designs from the production ‘ECHOES’ which I co-directed and production designed were selected        as well as a scale model of my projection design work for ‘DELETE’.


    My work was on display in the Enterprise Square Gallery space in Edmonton in the Fall of 2015.


T. Erin Gruber is available for contract design work across Canada and around the world.

She is a full member of the Associated Designers of Canada and serves on the ADC Board of Directors.

Tel: 780.885.4098

Thank you for contacting T. Erin Gruber.

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