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Itqaqhaijuq / Tries to Remember by Tiffany Ayalik

Itqaqhaijuq / Tries to Remember was an installation and multimedia performance created by Tiffany Ayalik and presented by Western Front in the Grand Luxe Hall in Vancouver, BC in November of 2021.

Erin designed the projected media content for this multi-media installation based on information Ayalik shared about her community’s relationship with ice and the natural landscape of the north. Erin generated the video imagery by taking time-lapse photography of melting ice which contained paint, beads, dye, and other media. The videos that resulted had a vibrant resonance with the content of Ayalik’s sonic and physical installation which incorporated archival audio recordings of songs performed by Ayalik’s Inuinnait ancestors and community along with her own live solo vocals in octophonic (8-channel) sound.

Ayalik designed the physical installation and conceived of this project. About the artist:

Tiffany Ayalik is an Inuk performer from Kugluktuk, Nunavut, and was born and raised in Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories. Combining knowledge learned from her elders with her work as an actor and singer, Tiffany creates unique and powerful performances that include theatre, storytelling, music, and education. Tiffany produces film and TV with her producing partner Caroline Cox and their company, Copper Quartz Media, and produces music with her sister Inuksuk Mackay as the duo PIQSIQ.

For more information about this work and to view a video interview with Ayalik visit this link.

Tiffany Ayalik, Itqaqhaijuq / Tries to Remember (2021), photo documentation, Nov 12, 2022. Photo by Rachel Topham Photography.

Projected media content created by T. Erin Gruber.


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