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Tour to Serbia and Montenegro

In July of 2018 Erin had the incredible privilege to be brought on tour with the WWPT team to Belgrade, Serbia for the 43rd Annual International Festival of Monodrama and Mime and to Herceg Novi, Montenegro for a second touring engagement on this adventure.

Café Daughter was honoured with the Gold Medal Award at this festival and Tiffany Ayalik received the Audience Choice Award for her beautiful performance.

This was Erin's first time exploring Serbia and Montenegro and it was an unparalleled feeling to share this very special project with an international audience, and this wonderful experience with a team of valued collaborators- Marian Brant, Vern Thiessen, Betty Hushlak, Gin Lee May and of course the incomparable Tiffany Ayalik.

Café Daughter has additionally toured all over Canada in the past several years including performances in Edmonton, Ottawa, Yellowknife, Victoria, Calgary and Kamloops. It has been honoured with nominations from the Betty Mitchell Awards.

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