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Prague Quadrennial 2019

Erin was honoured by the ADC with selection of her work for inclusion in the Canadian exhibition as part of the 2019 Prague Quadrennial. She travelled to Prague for three weeks to participate in all the Quadrennial had to offer and was inspired, engaged and motivated by what she found there! Erin's travel to Prague was generously supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts through their 'Travel Grants for Individuals' program.

Here's what the ADC had to say about their selections for PQ2019:

"The jury selected two designers and two design teams to represent Canada at PQ2019.

Selected designers include:

  • Michael Levine (Le Petit Prince, National Ballet of Canada; Wozzeck, Zurich Opera),

  • T. Erin Gruber (Bears, Café Daughter),

  • The design team of Betroffenheit (Nancy Bryant, Jay Gower Taylor, Tom Visser, Owen Belton, Alessandro Juliani, Meg Roe)

  • The design team of Between Two Rocks (Robert Leveroos, Kyla Gardiner, Ben Wylie, Paula Viitanen Aldazosa).

Besides being visually striking, all selected works feature crucial transformation of scenographic elements in a way that is vital and inseparable from the performance piece itself. The dramaturgical approach to the scenic elements is of fundamental value to the production."

Exhibition Photos:

Conference Experience:

Photos of friends and other adventures:

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