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ECHOES- A collaborative creation project

Beginning in September of 2011 Erin and a group of 10 interdisciplinary artists began a 10 month collaboration to bring a brand new story to life. The key artistic goal of the project was to explore inclusivity and removing barriers from the audiences experience of the story. We were specifically curious about diverse audiences who may have struggled with text and spoken language (ie. language barrier, cognitive disability, hearing impairment) and how we could communicate using the physical movement of the actor in conjunction with visual media to supplant the dominance of text in the theatrical experience. The resulting play entitled 'Echoes' was premiered as part of the 2012 Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

As part of the visual development of this story Erin created several original artworks. This gallery includes visual art created in the fall of 2011, spring of 2012 and production photos from the performances in August 2012.

#stopmotionanimation #productionphotos #conceptualart

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