ShowStages Collective

co-founder and active collective member

Erin has been collaborating with her two co-founders of the ShowStages collective for more than five years. She is honoured to be a part of a group with such strong skills and committed passion for theatre making.


Their collective was founded through a desire to bring projected media technology and creative solutions to small and mid-sized theatre companies who lacked the in house staff and equipment to take on these newly accessible tools of creativity. By removing the access barrier and developing a fully integrated work flow between video system design and implementation, visual media and audio design components ShowStages has allowed many productions to implement these creative resources.


Our skills include video production/editing/compositing, live video mapping, actor/audience interactivity and audio integration with live visual media. We have applied our skills to live theatrical performance, concerts, DJ and other live music events, public art presentations and festivals. We also take great pride in educating our community of fellow artists and theatre makers through workshops and instruction at post secondary institutions.


ShowStages is a video design collective.

We build narratives through projected media and interactive audio-visual experiences. We work in theatre and new media, creating unique shows and events.


Founded in May 2012 by Joel Adria, Elijah Lindenberger and T. Erin Gruber. ShowStages is based in Alberta and has worked in theatres and venues across Canada.


Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre

annual design engagements.ongoing touring projects

T. Erin Gruber has designed three projects with the Workshop West team: Café Daughter, Witch Hunt at the Strand and John Ware Reimagined.  Café Daughter was additionally presented at the National Arts Centre as part of the 2017 Scène Canada Scene Festival and again on tour through the Northwest Territories in the fall of 2017.

This company's passion for bringing exceptional stories to Edmonton audiences was a natural fit for Erin's professional skills.  Even more importantly their commitment to socially relevant material and a high quality dramaturgical exploration within their projects speaks directly to her artistic values.

She is proud to be considered a regular collaborator with this exceptional team.


Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre began its journey in 1978, and continues to be one of the most prolific and influential theatre companies in Western Canada.

Legal Mandate

The production and presentation for the public of Canadian plays and the education of the public in playwrighting skills.


Mission Statement

Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre is a professional, Edmonton-based theatre dedicated to the development, production, promotion, and presentation of new Canadian playwrights and their plays, and to the education of the public in playwrighting skills.


Vision Statement

Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre will be a flagship company that supports, develops, and champions the work of playwrights in Alberta, and across Canada, at all experience levels. We will act as a launch pad for works that illuminate issues important to our time, reflect the diversity of our country, advance equality, and build community.


funding provider for Prague Quadrennial 2019

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

T. Erin Gruber exhibited her design work for Café Daughter and BEARS  at the Prague Quadrennial in 2019. Attendance at the ten day conference and participation in presentations of her work and panel discussions about scenography would have been impossible for Erin without the generous support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travel Grant for Individuals. Sincerest thanks for supporting attendance at this career enhancing exhibition and the many additional activities of the conference which represented a meaningful contribution to Erin's artistic practice.